TotalCare™ Bariatric Plus Hospital Bed

Be ready with the versatility to provide effective care

With obesity trends on the rise, healthcare providers must be ready today to provide care for patients of size. With unmatched versatility designed to keep patients comfortable and confident, the TotalCare™ Bariatric Plus Bed helps you be ready to provide effective care.

From protecting your patient's skin, to helping you do your job, to getting your patients moving, the TotalCare™ Bariatric Plus bed offers easy to use integrated features to help you deliver better care without compromising your patient's dignity.

No matter the need -- from the ICU to post-operative recovery, the TotalCare Bariatric Plus bed offers a solution to help you be ready.

This product is available for rental only


Safe skin at any level of acuity

  • Pressure redistribution air surface automatically adjusts to patient's weight, body type, movement and bed position to help treat and prevent pressure ulcers when combined with recommended turning protocols
  • Advanced Microclimate™ technology helps reduce accumulation of heat and moisture at the surface, keeping patient's skin cool and dry

Ease of use at every point of care

  • IntelliDrive™ Powered Transport allows a single caregiver to easily transport patient in bed
  • Turn Assist uses the bed's pressure redistribution surface to turn the patient, making it easier to perform linen changes and wound checks
  • A large, colorful touch screen offers control for functionality such as bed exit or integrated scale—all at a touch of a button

Easy patient handling

  • The Progressive Mobility™ Program guides caregivers in gradually progressing patients from lying in bed, to sitting up, to standing.
  • CLRT, tilt table position, FullChair™ position, chair egress with stand assist, patient lifts or bariatric accessories enable walking support