Tri-Flex II™ Bariatric Bed

Be ready to provide dependable and economical bariatric care

With a growing population of bariatric patients, healthcare providers are facing unprecedented challenges as they adjust to address the unique medical demands and provide the extra care bariatric patients require. Be ready to meet these challenges with the Tri-Flex II™ Bariatric Bed -- a bed designed to provide dependable and economical bariatric care.

The Tri-Flex II Bariatric Bed provides support for both your patients and you. Features such as an expandable width frame, drop-down foot rails, a battery backup and a choice of surfaces make this a reliable, basic choice for the care of your bariatric patients.

The Impulse Drive System allows for safe and easy control during transport and is controlled by a Dynamic Mobility Shark drive controller. This system comprises two modules: the power module which is located beneath the bed near the drive wheels, and the joystick control which is mounted on the headboard of the bed.

Be ready to accommodate your patients' most basic needs while keeping them comfortable with the Tri-Flex II bariatric bed—a dependable and economical choice.

* This product is not available for sales in countries which require a CE mark


  • Supports patients up to 454 kg (1,000 lb)
  • Surface option featuring low air loss and alternating pressure to help treat and prevent pressure ulcers 
  • Expandable width frame and surface adjusts from 94 - 137 cm (37" - 48") for greater patient comfort
  • Impulse Drive System allows caregiver to easily transport patient in bed
  • Multiple positions including Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg and cardiac chair positioning
  • Integrated pendant and scale enables caregivers to weigh patients with accuracy without transferring them from bed
  • Available with an optional trapeze
  • Drop-down rails help make ingress and egress easier
  • Battery backup eliminates need to find an outlet when repositioning or transferring patients

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