FreeSpan™ Traverse Lift System

Extended room coverage without permanent installation

FreeSpan™ Traverse is a flexible solution for situations where you need a traverse system, but where you either cannot or do not wish to mount fixtures on the walls or ceiling. The lift motor can be easily moved in all directions over a large area.

FreeSpan Traverse is a freestanding system, and since it is not fixed to the walls or the ceiling, there are no special strength requirements for those structures. The system is available in a range of different rail lengths for optimal adaptation to the size of the room.

Like all other FreeSpan models, FreeSpan Traverse is made of aluminum, an excellent material from an environmental, quality and design point of view. The choice of material also means it is easy to keep the lift system clean.

FreeSpan™ UltraTwin Traverse is a version with two lift motors and a lifting capacity of up to 460 kg (1,014 lb).

FreeSpan Traverse must always be installed by an authorized technician.


Large room coverage

The traverse system offers versatile lifting and a large lift area.

Easy To Adjust

Easy to adjust

The FreeSpan Traverse lift system is easy to adjust and has four different height settings