UltraTwin™ Overhead Lift

For the heaviest lifts

In many countries, the number of obese people is increasing and obesity is a growing health problem. Transferring and caring for extremely heavy people safely without jeopardizing their integrity can be a challenge.

To prevent injuries among caregivers and to give very heavy patients the best possible care, it has become increasingly common for care providers to establish bariatric care units. These units are in many cases equipped with powerful Liko® lift systems.

Hillrom has extensive experience in working with overweight patients. For many years we have worked in close collaboration with several large hospitals which specialize in the care and treatment of bariatric patients. This has made us pioneers in the industry for lift solutions, especially adapted for very large patients.

The ceiling-mounted UltraTwin system consists of two Likorall™ motors which together give a lifting capacity of up to 500 kg (1100 lb). The UltraTwist accessory offers a unique ability to adjust the patient’s position during and after the transfer. The motors are operated individually using one or two hand controls enabling optimum positioning of the patient leading to more comfort and easier breathing.