Sling Bars

Sling Bars for all types of lifts

A sling always works best with a carefully selected sling bar. Together the sling and the sling bar form a functional unit. From a safety point of view, the sling bar is very important. Instruction guides for slings always include recommendations for the best choice of sling bar. Often, several models may be appropriate.

The sling bar's design and geometry are decisive for the patient's sitting posture. Normally, a four-point bar provides for a more reclined sitting posture than a two-point bar. With a wider sling bar, the patient’s arms are held inside the sling. With a narrower sling bar, the patient holds the arms outside the sling.

In addition to an appealing design, our aluminium sling bars have a lifting capacity of 300 kg (660 lb). All of our sling bars are equipped with reliable safety latches.

Several of our new sling bars are available with factory-mounted Quick-release Hooks for fast and easy connection to scales or exchange of sling bars. Quick-release Hooks can always be retrofitted to existing sling bars. Contact us for more information.

Universal 450

Universal 450 is the sling bar that is appropriate in most cases and with most slings. It is the sling bar installed on most lifts on delivery (does not apply to Viking XL).

Universal 350

Universal 350 is ten centimetres narrower than Universal 450 and is commonly used for lifting children. For adults using an adult-sized sling in combination with Universal 350, the arms are held on the outside of the sling.

Universal 600

Universal 600 allows plenty of space for the upper body and is intended for use with our ComfortSling Plus mod 300/310 and 350/360, or with slings the intention of which is to overlap the leg supports, i.e., when both leg supports are placed in parallel under the patient’s thighs, for example, when using the AmputeeSling mod 70/75.

Universal TwinBar 670

Universal TwinBar 670 is an appropriate model for large adults and for patients who want to alleviate pressure around their shoulders. TwinBar 670 is intended for use with slings with “crossed” leg supports, e.g., Original HighBack Sling mod 20/21 or UniversalSling mod 000. Load must be applied to all four hooks during each lift.

SlingBar Mini 220

SlingBar Mini 220 is an especially small sling bar which has been developed mainly for patients who prefer to sit "snugly bound" in their sling. Normally, the explanation is that the sling should be as tight as possible, so that it feels extra safe and secure

Sling Cross-Bar 670

Sling Cross-Bar 670 is a sling bar with four-point suspension. It is wide across the shoulders and provides for a comfortable, reclined sitting posture.

Sling Cross-Bar 450

Sling Cross-Bar 450 is a smaller four-point sling bar that provides for a reclined sitting posture. Sling Cross-Bar 450 is most suitable for use in combination with high back or head support slings. It is symmetrical and is also recommended for use with small sling sizes.

It is excellent in combination with SilhouetteSling mod 22, Original HighBack Sling mod 20/21 in sizes medium/slim and smaller. LiftPants mod 92 work well together with Sling Cross-Bar 450.


Universal SideBars

Universal SideBars are an alternative to Liko's Cross-Bars to achieve a four-point suspension. The SideBars are easily attached to and disconnected from a Universal SlingBar. When loaded, the SideBars adapt to the sling, which usually means that they hang somewhat diagonally, thereby providing more space for the patient’s shoulders.

In combination with AmputeeSling medium (with or without high back), the SideBars are an excellent alternative for patients who have undergone hip surgery or people with a limited ability to bend at the hips.

Universal SideBars are delivered together with a practical storage bag which can be hung on the wall or on a mobile lift.