ComfortSling™ Plus High

Increased patient comfort and sense of security

The ComfortSling™ Plus High, model 350/360, provides a comfortable, reclined sitting posture with good back support and adapts to the body’s contours without the need for individual adjustment. Like its predecessor, the Liko® Comfort Highback Sling, the ComfortSling Plus High is a “full sling” that allows the patient to remain in the sling after application and transfer to a wheelchair or other seating. Its enhanced design is wider andlongerwhich are features designed to increase patient comfort.

The sling provides a more reclined posture than the lower ComfortSling Plus, becoming even more semi-recumbent when combined with Sling Cross-Bar 450 or Sidebars and extension loops. This semi-recumbent posture is a good solution when lifting patients who are not allowed unable to bend 90° at the hip.

The ComfortSling is the preferred choice of many amputees and patients who are particularly pain-sensitive, e.g., rheumatic.


Different fabrics and designs

  • The ComfortSling Plus High can be ordered in different fabrics and designs. When the sling is to be left under the patient for a longer period after completion of transfer, we recommend net polyester.
  • The ComfortSling Plus High is available with a padded seat (synthetic sheepskin) for patients who are sensitive to pressure.
  • For bathing and showering, there is a plastic-coated net version, which allows water to pass through. It can be wiped off and dries quickly.
  • For transfers to and from the toilet, we recommend the ComfortSling Plus High with Hygiene Opening, mod 360. See "Product List - Slings" below.
  • ComfortSling Plus High is available in three sizes: M, L and XL.


Recommended especially for

  • Pain-sensitive patients needing to sit reclined in a semi-recumbent position.

Before lifting, keep the following in mind

  • Model 360 can be specially ordered with a smaller hygiene opening.


As alternatives to the ComfortSlingPlus High, we recommend