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ComfortSling™ Plus |

ComfortSling™ Plus

Increased patient comfort and sense of security

The ComfortSling™ Plus, model 300/310, provides a comfortable sitting posture with good back support and adapts to the body’s contours without the need for individual adjustment.

Like its predecessor, the Liko® ComfortSling, the ComfortSling™ Plus is a “full sling” that allows the patient to remain in the sling after application and transfer. Its enhanced design is wider and longer which are features designed to increase patient comfort.

The sitting posture is essentially upright, but, in combination with Sling Cross-Bar 450 or Sidebars and extension loops, it can be semi-recumbent.


Different fabrics and designs

  • The ComfortSling™ Plus can be ordered in different fabrics and designs. When the sling is to be left under the patient for a longer period after completion of transfer, we recommend the net polyester fabric.
  • The ComfortSling™ Plus is also available with a padded seat (synthetic sheepskin) for patients who are highly sensitive to pressure.
  • For bathing and showering, there is a plastic-coated net version, which allows water to pass through. It can be wiped off and dries quickly.
  • For transferring to and from the toilet, we recommend the ComfortSling™ Plus with Hygiene Opening, model 310.
  • ComfortSling™ Plus Plus is available in three sizes: M, L and XL.
  • For additional information on sizing please refer to the product user manual or contact your rep.


Before lifting keep the following in mind:

Model 310 can be specially ordered with a smaller hygiene opening.


As alternative to the ComfortSling™ Plus with Hygiene Opening and to transfer a patient to/from the toilet, we recommend