Safer lift to and from the toilet

Liko® HygieneVest™, models 50/55, are designed for safe and comfortable transfers to and from the toilet. The vest offers almost fully upright sitting, and provides functional and safety advantages. The HygieneVest works well in complicated situations, such as when lifting amputees or patients with poor muscle tone.

The vest section firmly supports the upper body during transfer, while a generous opening around the buttocks leaves the lower body free for dressing and undressing during toilet visits. Intended for sit-to-sit lifting, the vest facilitates both transfers to the toilet and positioning in a wheelchair with its upright posture. Since it does not enclose the buttocks, the HygieneVest is ideal for lifting to and from molded seats and close-fitting wheelchairs.


Liko® HygieneVest™ HighBack, model 55

Liko HygieneVest HighBack is the right choice for those who need support to prevent the head from tilting back. Patients who have problems with spasticity should try model 55.

HygieneVest can also be the best choice for severely disabled patients with amputated legs or those who have problems with spasticity (especially model 55). Patients with very limited trunk stability and poor muscle tone can usually manage lifts with HygieneVest and find it secure and comfortable.


Liko HygieneVest is made from green polyester fabric. The leg supports are reinforced and lined with soft corduroy fabric, which enhances comfort and reduces slipping. Liko HygieneVest models 50/55 are also available as Teddy HygieneVest models 50/55 in our own teddy-patterned soft polyester fabric, size XS, XXS for children.


As an alternative to HygieneVest and for lifting to/from the toilet, we recommend one of the following: