Safer gait training

Liko® LiftPants™ enables caregivers the ability to provide gait training to their patients while providing a sense of security for patients. LiftPants offer freedom of movement while relieving the burden of body weight. They provide the support necessary to allow each patient to move on his or her own with confidence. During gait practice, the lift can take on all the weight—allowing both patient and caregiver to focus on training free from worry over the consequences of a wrong step.

LiftPants can be used with an overhead lift or with a mobile lift with sufficient lifting height, and are available in sizes from the smallest TeddyPants XS to the Ultra LiftPants XXXL.

The LiftPants product is especially recommended for standing up and walking with patients with a certain degree of weight bearing ability and/or who are sensitive to pressure around the upper body or under the arms.


Sizes and fabrics

LiftPants are available in various sizes, according to different heights and body measurements. All sizes except the XS are made of net polyester with a pressure-relieving padded crotch. A heavy person may need a bigger size than a thin person of the same height.

Ultra LiftPants, model 920 (sizes XXL and XXXL) are made of net polyester and are intended to meet the needs of the largest patients. Ultra LiftPants have a maximum load of 500 kg (1,100 lb) and are equipped with two relieving and supporting hip straps on each side. TeddyPants (size XS) are made of a teddy-patterned polyester fabric.


As alternatives to LiftPants, we recommend Liko® MasterVest™, models 60 or 64