RepoSheet® Lift Aid

Easier turning and repositioning

RepoSheet® lift aid is a versatile lift sheet that facilitates the otherwise strenuous manual task of turning or repositioning a patient higher up in bed. RepoSheet support makes these dailytasks much easier.

The sheet is placed under the patient and can be used either in combination with, or instead of, an ordinary bed sheet during the entire care period. With minimal effort, caregivers can easily maneuver the patient with the help of an overhead lift.

RepoSheet Original support can also be used to enable one caregiver to easily reposition or turn a patient without assistance. The sheet is available in two versions: Regular, for lifting up to 200 kg (440 lb), and Ultra, which manages up to 500 kg (1,100 lb) .

Both versions are available in cotton/polyester and net polyester fabrics. The breathable cotton/polyester fabric can be used with or without an ordinary sheet on the top. Generally, we recommend that you use as few on the mattress as necessary especially if you use mattresses developed for wound care.