Solo SupportVest™ Lift Aid

Improved sit-to-stand support

Liko® Solo SupportVest™ lift aid, model 911, is a sling designed for short-term, single-patient-use. Used in combination with Sabina® sit-to-stand lift with the SlingBar 350 (narrow), the Solo SupportVest sling lifts behind the back and under the arms, suiting patients who need help to raise themselves but who can then stand firmly on their own legs.

Solo SupportVest sling comes in two sizes and is made of a very strong non-woven material. It is non-washable and should be disposed of once it has become soiled or when the patient no longer needs it.

Solo SupportVest sling, model number 911, is similar to the SupportVest sling, model 91, but it is single-patient-use and does not feature a waist belt.



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