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UniversalSling™ |


An excellent sling for basic functions

The UniversalSling™ comes in two models: 000 & 002. UniversalSling model 002 is recommended for transfers where there is difficulty achieving sufficient lifting height. The loop lengths are shorter and the sitting posture is slightly more reclined than with model 000.

Liko UniveralSling offers comfort and security in lifting for both patient and caregiver. Its suitable for most lifting situations which makes it a good choice when caregivers are uncertain about which patient is going to be lifted.

The UniversalSling’s design supports the entire back and keeps the patient’s arms held inside the sling. Correctly fitted and properly applied, the sling provides the patient with a sense of security and comfort.

Offered with leg supports in different designs, the UniversalSling is ideal for lifting both with separated leg supports and with leg supports overlapped under both thighs. It is available in polyester, net polyester and plastic-coated net for bathing or swimming use.


Choosing the right size

The UniversalSling is easy to apply and remove, and, if the right size is selected, it adapts to the patient's body without individual adjustments.

It is important to choose the correct size to achieve the highest level of comfort and safety. A sling which is too large increases the risk of the patient sliding out of it, while one which is too small can be tight-fitting.

Available in different fabrics

The UniversalSling is available in different fabrics:

  • The polyester version is very pliable to work with and durable. It is easy to apply and remove and is not intended to be left in the chair/bed after a completed transfer.
  • The net polyester is recommend for those who leave the sling in the chair after the transfer or simply want an alternative that allows for more air flow.
  • For bathing and showering, there is a plastic-coated net version which allows water to pass through.

Leg supports in different designs

The UniversalSling is available with leg supports in different designs. The most popular designs are reinforced leg supports. The reinforcement provides comfort, distributes the pressure and prevents the leg supports from creasing under the thighs.

One design has soft-padded leg supports (synthetic sheepskin). This is recommended for especially pressure-sensitive patients.