VersaCare P500 Therapeutic Surface

Comprehensive skin care for most of your patients

The VersaCare P500 surface is an easy to use, wound care solution that can help you meet your patients’ diverse needs. This surface can help reduce pressure ulcer prevalence by addressing the key factors attributed to skin breakdown: pressure, friction, shear and moisture.

Advanced Microclimate™ technology supports the removal of heat and moisture helping keep the patient's skin cool, dry and comfortable. Heat and moisture build-up can negatively affect the skin, making it more susceptible to damage. In addition, the advanced weight-based pressure redistribution technology in the VersaCare P500 Surface adjusts to the patient's weight and position to support the right balance between envelopment and support.


  • Advanced Microclimate™ Technology helps to manage heat and moisture to help support skin integrity. 
  • Shear-resistant material, coupled with a real-time pressure redistribution algorithm helps minimize shear and frictional forces during patient movement and bed articulation.
  • One button turn assist and max inflate helps aid caregivers when repositioning patients.
  • Integrated x-ray cassette sleeve helps reduce repositioning and patient discomfort during portable x-ray procedures.